Author: Mal Abo

Corgis Just Want To Have Fun


Morning Routine Between Boys vs Girls

More often than not we can relate to some of these routine 😀

This is why you should never cheat on your Barber

Hahaha! Never.


It is not always what it seems.

Without proper breeding, a person no matter how intelligent is as good as this ass

Be the person whom no one finds something to blame.

Married for Over 60 Years and Still So Much In Love 😍

Tweet They say that its love that holds the marriage together. But it’s equally true that marriage holds and seal the love forever.

Who Farted?

When you suddenly smell something fishy but it was only your fart. 😀

Is Love really Worth Fighting For?


When People say They Got Bigger Problem Than You


Now That’s True Love

They actually have a very nice house.

Okay, Who wants to Volunteer?


Just Give it a Punch… It will be Painless they Said


Please Keep It a Hush Hush! 😂


Like Shooting Themselves on the Foot

Hahaha! Ironic isn’t it?

Take a Look at How McDonald’s Hamburgers are made

Take a look at McDonald’s processing plant.

The Last Honey Hunter: Behind the Scenes

Renan Ozturk and Mark Synnott travel to Nepal with National Geographic to experience the last traditional honey harvest. Watch exclusive, behind the scenes footage of the harvest here.

Easy Way to Make An In and Out Burger

Why drive all the way to In and Out when you can make it at home.

When You Have A Polite Dog and A Rude Cat :D

Cats just don’t care. 😀

Amazing Visual 7D Park In Japan

Wow! This is awesome.

No Mom, I did’t Do It :D

When your dog is guilty as charged but still try to evade you 😀