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Without proper breeding, a person no matter how intelligent is as good as this ass

Be the person whom no one finds something to blame.

When You Always Stop At Your Limits

Don’t go around in circles, step up.

Some People will Try and Steal Your Happiness…

Don’t let other people dictate your happiness.

…Unless You Realize that the Situation is Over, You Cannot Move Forward

A quote by Steve Maraboli about realizing your situation and moving forward.

The Sad Truth is that Many People are in Love But…


The First Step in Getting Anywhere is Deciding You’re No Longer Willing to Stay Where You Are.

If you must move on then move on.


Can You Soar Like an Eagle?

TweetSouring into great heights is a concept many people find hard to grasp specially when one’s spirit is low. Yes we feel like soaring when we are happy or when everything is going our way....