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Morning Routine Between Boys vs Girls

More often than not we can relate to some of these routine 😀

Who Farted?

When you suddenly smell something fishy but it was only your fart. 😀

Just Give it a Punch… It will be Painless they Said


Like Shooting Themselves on the Foot

Hahaha! Ironic isn’t it?

When Your Boss Thanks You for Staying Late

When you have no clue 😂

17 of Betty White’s Wisecrack Quotes

She is such a legend.

This is How Google Was before The Digital Age

It took 30 days for your search to come back by mail.

5 Random People Ordering Take Out from McDonald’s

Hahaha, these guys!

Homer’s Point Of View

The Classic Homer wisdom. 😀

Guess What You’re Fired!

On a tour of the facilities, the new CEO noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he meant business

How To Pick Up A Woman the Redneck Way?

Some men are just plain…

This Is How Peanut Butter Is Made

Yup, this is how it is done.

Movie Theater Stereotypes

Here’s looking at various types of moviegoers.

Launch? I Said Lunch

The your leader says it, you do it but your afraid to ask question. 😀

This Is How It Feels Like When The WIFI Isn’t Working

For those who cannot live without connecting to the internet 😀

When You’re Cooking and The Recipe says “Chill in the fridge for one hour”

When you are the type to take things literally 😀

Ask Siri Prank – Part 2!

via ButtingHeads

When Cookie Monster Spots A Cookie :D

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