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This is why you should never cheat on your Barber

Hahaha! Never.

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It is not always what it seems.

Without proper breeding, a person no matter how intelligent is as good as this ass

Be the person whom no one finds something to blame.

We Just Tryna Make Friends!

A great way to make friends.

Baby and Daddy Dance Battle

Choose Who Is Your Favorite.

Ten(10) Things You Will Only See In Dubai.

What do you think?

Can You Handle Walking Up There?

Only for the strong and those not afraid of heights.

Married for Over 60 Years and Still So Much In Love 😍

They say that its love that holds the marriage together. But it’s equally true that marriage holds and seal the love forever. What do you think?

Who Farted?

When you suddenly smell something fishy but it was only your fart. 😀

Is Love really Worth Fighting For?

What do you think?

When People say They Got Bigger Problem Than You


Now That’s True Love

They actually have a very nice house.

Okay, Who wants to Volunteer?

What do you think?

Just Give it a Punch… It will be Painless they Said

What do you think?

Please Keep It a Hush Hush! 😂

What do you think?

Like Shooting Themselves on the Foot

Hahaha! Ironic isn’t it?

Take a Look at How McDonald’s Hamburgers are made

Take a look at McDonald’s processing plant.

Wow! This is Terrifying.

Watch how raw nature works without inhibition.

When Your Boss Thanks You for Staying Late

When you have no clue 😂