20 Reasons Why We Love our Dogs

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Dogs are truly amazing pets. They are truly our best friends. He we look at 20 things why we love our dogs.

1. They are very smart.

2. They keep us company.

3. They like what we like.

4. They are selfless.

5. They don’t mind if you snuggle with them.

6. They are truly some fierce guardians to protect us.

7. They are just very cool.

8. They don’t mind looking ridiculous for us.

9. They make us smile.

10. They make us laugh by acting silly. Oh, its not what you think 😂…

11. They will be there for you always. They’ll take the fall if necessary.

12. Did I say they don’t mind looking ridiculous for us?

13. The help us keeping fit.

14. They can photobomb and perfectly ruin a good photo but we still love them.

15. They help us with our shopping, of course.

16. They don’t mind taking a bullet in this case a ball for us.

17. They can be our perfect model.

18. They accompany us to costume parties so we won’t look too ridiculous.

19. They are the best backseat drivers.  Always happy to ride along.

20. They truly and unconditionally love us.

What do you think?

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